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Learn About The Quality Wine; Penfolds Grange

Wine-tours in Australia  

Australia is famous for its wine tours and different towns that offer unique wine tasting places where you can plan your daytrips to. Famous regions such as Barossa Valley, Adelaide Hills and Yarra Valleys are known for unique vineyards where a wide variety of wines are available. You can plan your trip individually or with a local company. In Valleys like the Yarra valley, you will find a number of vineyards that specialize in different kinds of wines. These places are an absolute heaven for wine-lovers and so, people from far distances visit these valleys to taste these wines. If you’re a wine-lover, you will probably know about these vineyards already. Moreover, being a wine-enthusiast, you will know about different wines, or at least have the thirst to know about different wines. This article is going to mention information regarding a unique Australian wine that if you haven’t tasted yet, you are missing it out.

Penfolds Grange  

If you’re planning a wine-tour soon, make sure you put this one on your list. Penfolds Grange is one of the oldest wines of Australia and it is rightly known as ‘’first growth’’ of Australia. It is made from Shiraz grape and Cabernet Sauvignon. Its full name is Penfolds Grange Hermitage. The term Hermitage defines the main ingredient of the wine, i.e. Shiraz grape. Penfolds is owned by the Treasury Wine Estates.

In 1980s, Penfolds, along with a number of other wineries, were purchased by Tooth & Co. In 1990, AdSteam sold all its wineries to SA Brewing Holdings. The SA Brewing Holdings then formed ‘The Penfolds Wines Group’, joining all its wineries. In 1994, SA Brewing Holdings was divided into 3 companies, one of which was Southcorp Wines. The ownership of Penfolds Grange was then transferred to the Foster’s Group. In 2011, Penfolds was transferred to Treasury Wine Estates, which was an independent company according to the Australian Securities Exchange.

Brief History 

The first Penfolds Grange was made by Penfolds winemaker Max Schubert, who was experimenting with wine when he came up with this amazing wine. It was in 1951 that Max Schubert made one of the finest wines till date. Max had travelled across the Europe and being a winemaker, he had witnessed some of the finest techniques involved in wine production. Upon his return, Max utilized these newly-learnt winemaking techniques that he had learnt in Europe. He implemented these techniques in an attempt to make one of the finest wines of that time that could compete the famous Bordeaux wines. It was his constant efforts and attempts that made him successful in the end.

After the Penfolds Grange wine was introduced, it was ruling the vineyards. Max Schubert continued to produce this high-quality wine. However, the management of Penfolds forbade Max Schubert from producing any more wine, due to the negative review. But, Max Schubert could not be stopped. He continued to produce wine and in 1960 when he was hired back, it was known that he never left producing wine. The vintages aged while the time came when Schubert was hired again. After he was instructed to resume wine production, he did so and technically, did not miss a single vintage at all.


By 1980s, the true value of Penfolds Grange wine was known and it was considered to be a collector’s item. The first vintage bottles back from 1951, are still available and held by the collectors. One vintage was sold a whopping $50000 at an auction in 2004. Collections of Grange have been sold in auctions for over $294000. Grange is known to be one of the most brilliant wines of all times and it has been listed as ‘’Exceptional” in the Langton’s Classification of Australian.

How it’s produced 

The production of Grange is different from the conventional wines that can be produced from a single plot or a block of vineyard. Grange requires a vast area for its production. The composition of wine also changes from year to year, unlike other expensive wines. However, the experts know how to maintain the same quality that the purchasers demand from this quality online wine Australia. Like the composition, the quantity of vintage produced every year also varies and it is not according to the demand in customers.

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