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Finding The Best Stethoscope To Start With

A stethoscope is a must-have equipment for people dealing with healthcare in Australia whether you are a doctor or a nurse or a general caregiver, your first tool to diagnose patients would be your steth. Therefore, it is important for you to make a good choice when it comes to picking up your first one. However, it is not easy to find a reliable, highly practical and a professional stethoscope in Australia especially if you are new into the field. Choosing the right steth, comprises on different factors such as how frequently you would be using it? What should be the noise frequency suitable for you? What’s your budget? What are your routine needs of it? All these questions are important to determine what should be the best choice for you. Just like any other industry, Information Technology has revolutionised medical field and its prime components as well. As a result, you can now find the same equipment in different variants, serving the same basic purpose but has an add-on to enhance one’s level of convenience. Similar is the case with stethoscopes in Australia, you can come across the very basic variants serving the needs at hand, or the economical versions of those and then come, advanced level, highly techy and professional Littmann ones; few of its variants even have built-in Bluetooth and amps in it.

However, the most common type of stethoscopes for a starting point is of 3 different kinds:

Acoustic Stethoscopes 

These are the very basic types of stethoscopes that one could come across in Australia. These are also considered the most basic and classic version of a steth. However, unlike its electronic counterpart, this version could capture only limited frequency of sound only. It comes with 2 diameters, the first round one is in a bell form which captures the lower frequency while the diaphragm at the back captures the higher frequencies in order to help in assessing the patients.

Littmann Stethoscopes 

These are one of the most renowned options for the clients around the globe due to its credibility and reliability in usage. These Littmann Stethoscope Australia were named after the medicine professor of Harvard, Dr. David Littmann who was the man behind designing these lightweight options for the healthcare providers. This comes with an advancement which dual membrane at both sides of the chest piece making it possible for the recipient to receive both low and high frequencies at both sides of it. If you press it slightly then you would be able to hear the low frequencies while if you press it with a bit more force or pressure then you would be able to listen to the high frequencies. In simple words, you can hear both low and high frequencies through these stethoscopes by controlling the pressure being applied by you while attending the patient.

Electronic Stethoscopes 

These are the latest versions of the professional steths which are very high tech and does not look like the standard steths that you used to see in your doctors kit pack during the childhood. These advanced type of stethoscopes allow you to hear more of low and high frequencies with an ability to record the data via a built-in Bluetooth which on the other hand, helps the doctor to keep track of patient’s condition in a better way. These are very different from its acoustic counterparts when it comes to both performance and budget combined then Littmann Stethoscope Australia takes the lead.

The need based on usage and budget are the key factors in determining the right stethoscope for you as it could happen that a steth which is good for a nurse might not be the right one for the doctor and vice versa. A nurse would not be requiring an expensive steth with advance data-keeping features while a doctor could do better with such piece. It is hence important to consult with a professional beforehand when intend to buy one. Goes without saying that, the most reliable and popular choice across the world is Littmann Stethoscopes which can be used for a lifetime even if they are being managed and protected accordingly. There are many variants of Littmann steths available across Australia, you just to need to consult with Team Med Supplies in order to score the best version as per your requirements and needs.

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