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Learn About Vape Juice Before Getting Your First Vape

What is vape and how it works? 

Since the birth of tobacco, the usage of cigarettes has ever been increasing. Despite its harmful effects, people are becoming addicts of it and many, despite constant attempts to quitting it, fall back into its addiction. This has been a constant sequence, but since past few decades, this pattern has been changed. Thanks to the invention of harmless e-cigarettes, smokers have been able to successfully quit smoking and switch to this. Unlike cigarettes, this device has allowed the experience of smoking without the poisonous chemicals. The device contains nothing but simple e-juice which contains harmless ingredients. The composition will be discussed in detail in the upcoming sections. Vape does not emit any harmful smoke and more importantly, it does not form addiction.  

Vapes aren’t popular among old only. Young generation is switching to vape instead of cigarettes for being a safer alternative as well as for the variety of flavors it offers. There is a wide range of flavors that the users can choose from. Moreover, vape also cuts down the cost of smoking. It is a portable device that can be recharged and does not need replacement. The juice can be changed when used. The significant part of switching to vape is the selection of the right juice. The following sections guide through selection of vape juice Australia 

What is vape juice? 

The main part of vaping device is the vape juice. The cartilage stores the juice and it also sends the juice to the atomizer that heats up the juice for the production of vapors. The cartilage sends the vapors to the mouthpiece. The juice contains a very few ingredients. The 90% of the juice is composed of Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin. The remaining 10% contains the flavor and nicotine if chose to be added. The selection between PG and VG is based on a number of factors that will be discussed in the next section. The flavors come in a variety of options. These flavors are completely harmless and they’re the same chemicals that are used to in everyday food items. The flavors range from simple tobacco which is ideal for those switching from smoking, to fruity flavors. The tobacco flavor is usually preferred by users who are addicted to smoking and are facing a hard time quitting it. There are even flavors that give the vapors the essence of various alcoholic beverages like champagne or wine. The wide range in flavors is one of the reasons for the popularity of vapes among teens. Users can choose from defined flavors or they can choose to mix flavors for a new experience.

There is also the option of nicotine in the vape juice. While some countries, forbid the usage of nicotine in the e-juice, you can order online in Australia through different online stores. Nicotine is considered safe as it is the key component in coffee which is widely used across the globe. However, some studies suggest that nicotine has long-term negative effects, such as damage to brain and additive traits. This is only applicable for high consumption of nicotine. If consumed in safe quantity, nicotine poses no harm and this is why there is the option of adding various levels of nicotine in the e-juice. Users can choose the level that suits them.

PG vs VG 

The difference between Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin is not very clear to most new users and they often go through long experimentations before they discover their likeness. PG has a thinner consistency and it gives a better throat hit. Due to thinner consistency, it leaves less residue on the atomizer. Moreover, PG has no flavor of its own. VG, on the other hand, has a sweeter flavor so this affects the overall flavor of the vape juice. It is also thicker than PG and forms denser vapors. VG also gives a smoother hit to the throat and this is why most new users prefer VG over PG.  

The right nicotine level 

The addition of nicotine is a decision that totally depends on the user. You can choose to have as much as 24mg of nicotine in your e-juice, from having no nicotine at all. Different levels are marked from which you choose your nicotine level. The exact composition varies, depending on the seller. It is suggested that you start with very low composition of nicotine if you are a new user.  

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