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The Top Apple Accessories You Must Have 


The world’s leading smart phone company, Apple, is not just about the product you buy. It completely takes care of its customers through the list of accessories that it offers with different products. These accessories are aimed at providing a more blissful experience of their products. The products are not just limited to your IPhone. Whether you own an Apple smart watch or a PC, there are plenty of accessories from which you can choose from. You can buy apple accessories from their official site or through different sites online. Below are some of the most popular accessories.  

Apple Watch Magnetic charging dock 

The magnetic charging dock is perfect for the users who feel frustrated with the long cables. No wonder it is difficult to handle and store the cable. Moreover, looking for it at night time when you need to put your watch on charge can be really frustrating as well. Apple has provided the solution to this problem through the magnetic charging dock that can be placed on your night stand simply for you to put your watch on it. It holds the watch in its place and you don’t have to worry about storing it the next day.  

10ft Lightening fast cable 

Ever wished you had a long cable so you could use your phone while its on charge, but the switch is in the other corner of the room? Well, you don’t have to face this problem again since you can buy the 10ft long cable that charges your phone in just the same amount of time as the one that came with your phone. With this cable, you can use your phone easily even when it’s on charge. 


The Apple AirPods need no introduction. They have everyone’s attention since the day they were introduced by the Apple. They take your listening experience to a whole new level. You no longer need to untangle your earphones before you use them every time. All you need is to plug and play.  

USB C6 port hub 

Ever tried multitasking, but failed due to the limited ports on your laptop? Something that could only take minutes took your hours because you had to keep switching devices? That’s not a problem anymore with USB C6 port hub. With this, you can attach multiple devices at the same time, allowing you to multitask easily.  

Apple Watch charging dock with 3 USB ports 

This charging dock with 3 USB ports saves you from the tangled cables on your stand. Having different cables for your Apple watch, iPad and iPhone can be frustrating to untangle every night. With this charging dock, there will be only one cable. Connect your iPad and iPhone through the USB ports while your watch charges on the top.  

Adjustable Docking Stand 

The laptop or PC takes up all the space on your desk, but with the introduction of Adjustable Docking stand, it’s no more a problem. You can use this stand to free up the surface on your desk. 

Valet Charge Dock 

The stylish valet charge dock is a must-have accessory for your apple products. This charging dock lets you carry a 6700 mAh power bank that can charge your phone and a watch. Moreover, there is a magnetic induction charging pad that works for your apple watch.  


The ParcSlope acts a human help that holds your MacBook or iPad at the right angle so you can use it comfortably.  

Magic Bridge 

We often get a wireless keyboard and more often than that, a mouse for iMac. This accessory takes the wireless setup to a whole different level. The Magic Bridge connects the keyboard and the trackpad so you can use your laptop from a fair distance. This mimics the integrate keyboard and trackpad on the laptop itself. It is ideal for the users who don’t want to sit on desk all the time to use their MacBook.  


Ever had to put your notepad or your USB on the desk and then forget where you put it? The Backpack solves that problem by providing a little shelf at the back of your iMac that can be used to hold your little accessories like your USB or your to-do list.  

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