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Mums to be and those who already have babies know that having a little bundle of joy not only means having a constant source of joy, but sleepless nights and surprisingly enough, constant shopping. Young children seemingly grow every day. It often seems like they grow from their initial newborn stage to the crawling stage in the blink of an eye, and that is just the beginning. Indeed, while stages such as childhood and adolescence see us growing at an almost steady rate, growth during infancy is extremely fast.  What this means is that the baby in our life will constantly be outgrowing his/her socks, shoes and all kinds of clothes. Apart from out growing all clothes and other items such as diapers in the blink of an eye, having a baby can really be a full time job. If you’re lucky, your baby will sleep through the night or wake only occasionally, but if not, then you should be prepared to spend many nights sleepless and trying to comfort an angry wailing infant. Friends and family often believe they can only sit by passively and watch as the parents have their lives consumed by their babies, but that is far from the real case. Smart and practical gifts can be the best way for friends and family to prepare their loved ones for their incoming child. Here are three baby gifts bound to delight the parents to be that you know. 

  1.  Probably the one thing that babies need more than a constant supply of filled bottles is an ever-ready diaper bag. Every one of us knows that babies go through diapers at an exponential rate. In this case, mums need to constantly be prepared, no matter where they are, and thus a diaper bag can be the perfect gift. Rather than just gifting the mum to be in your life, add to the diaper bag some baby essentials. Add a teething toy, medicine, bibs, bottles, wet bad and wipes and your mum to be will be delighted as this not gives her the diaper bag she always wanted but also takes away the hassle of filling it out with essentials! With so much to do with a baby on the way and even more to do when the baby finally arrives, this can help give the mum to be some breathing space and make sure that she is always prepped for any emergency.  
  2. While most of us without kids of our own cannot fathom this, babies really do grow super fast in their initial months on Earth. In the span of a month or two, the clothes that we had so painstakingly picked out can have grown too small. This can leave new parents often having to shop for essentials such as socks and shoes and underclothes repeatedly. With all the other expenses incurred, this can often be tough on the pocket. Therefore, one of the best baby gifts new parents can get include a set of socks and other clothing items, in incremental stages of 3 months, 6 months and so on. This can have the parents to be prepped beforehand for all the clothing necessities of their child.  
  3. One of the most important things for baby in the initial stage of his life can be a security blanket. Almost everyone knows of the attachment that many children can have with their baby blankets. These blankets can help soothe the child when he or she is most stressed, and thus can hold great significance and can also be the perfect relief for the parents. A cute, fuzzy baby blanket can be one of the best baby gifts as it can comfort the child when he or she is going through the toughest times a baby can go through.

At The Baby Gift Company, you can find all sorts of the best baby gifts to gift to the parents in your life. These essential gifts can be meaningful and practical and can thus be a perfect relief the parents-to-be need. Apart from this selection of essentials, you can find a wide range of gifting options such as clothes, toys, and books for baby and mum, and can even make your own customised baby gift hamper! The Baby Gift Company can help you get the best baby gifts and can deliver them straight to your home. Baby shopping has never been easier.

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